A True Story Filmed Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Là J

A True Story Filmed Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Là J
A True Story Filmed Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Là J

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Although notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had managed to evade authorities for decades, it was the escaped victim and the discovery of more than 80 Polaroid photos that finally stopped his terror.

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The police officers could not have imagined the horror they would face, but it triggered a serious (and much-needed) investigation into the police department and the criminal justice system, which failed Dahmer’s victims and the local community.

Here’s everything you need to know about why Dahmer took these photos and how they led to his arrest.

A True Story Filmed Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Là J

A True Story Filmed Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Là J
A True Story Filmed Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Là J


Not only did Dahmer take pleasure in degrading his victims’ bodies, but he made sure to document his painful process with Polaroid photos to further fuel his obsession.

“He often photographed his victims in various stages of the killing process so that he could then recall each act and relive the experience,” The Sun reported.

Dahmer, who often expressed feelings of loneliness and isolation, also explained that he wanted the memories to keep him “company,” according to the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, written in 1994.

During a subsequent investigation, police also discovered a child’s drawing showing Dahmer’s plans to build an altar in his apartment. Painted skeletons would be placed on either side of the back table, which would be decorated with painted skulls.


When Dahmer’s alleged victim, Tracy Edwards, escaped from his apartment and reported to police in July 1991, it was the serial killer’s undoing.

After two Milwaukee police officers, accompanied by Edwards, arrived at Dahmer’s apartment, they entered after feeling an overwhelming stench and asked to look around.

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After looking around the apartment, one of the officers opened Dahmer’s nightstand drawer and found 84 disturbing Polaroid photographs documenting the horrors he was inflicting on his victims.

The photos reportedly showed the corpses of his victims in defiant poses with their backs arched, depicted the process of dismemberment, and Dahmer engaged in necrophilia.

Officer Mueller was reportedly shocked after making the gruesome discovery and told his partner, “This is real.”

Police arrested him on the spot, and eventually Dahmer was taken into custody, muttering, “For what I did, I should be dead.”

He pleaded guilty to 16 counts of murder and received 16 life sentences, which amounts to more than 900 years in prison.

The film “Dahmer: The Serial Killer Speaks” tells the story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life and the heinous crimes he committed. Stream it here.



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