How To Turn Off Live Caption On Android

How To Turn Off Live Caption On Android

How To Turn Off Live Caption On Android – We’re well aware that you can have weird and weird auto-subtitles when using YouTube, but generally speaking, the service is considered rubbish. Accents can be a major downfall of being able to have automatic subtitles on many different streaming services, so it’ll be helpful to be able to disable the service on Android phones as well. Google has already implemented well-designed apps that automatically provide English subtitles for many streaming apps, including Netflix and Disney Plus, so turning off Live Caption Android is quite easy.

How To Turn Off Live Caption On Android

If you’re really lucky to have a phone that has an A-GPS, it makes sense to turn off Live Caption on your Android smartphone. But for people who don’t need the captioning feature, it’s a little distracting to have a playback of an audio file while you’re in the middle of a song, for example, on YouTube Music.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on turning down the service if it’s available on your device.

It doesn”t require a WiFi network or a real-time network to run, as the service interprets audio on a device’s internal hardware. Google currently doesn’t allow users to change the language that Live Caption can work in, but is constantly looking at how to implement it. There’s no guarantee that Google will ever be able to provide all of its services flawlessly, but Google is making huge steps to make its services more accessible.

Live Caption on Android devices such as the Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S, or OnePlus handset is enabled by default, so if there is an Android phone with a similar setup, there is nothing that you should be concerned with. For those with relevant smartphones, here is how you can disable the feature on your Android device.

STEP 1: Disable the Auto-Captioning feature of Android.

It’s easy to turn off live captioning on Android devices by simply going to the Settings app on that handset and selecting the relevant option.
Google Pixel devices have a dedicated button to disable live captioning. For other Android handsets, go to the General Settings section and disable the option for Live Caption. On any relevant smartphone, head to your phone’s System > General and select Live Caption.

STEP 2 Disable/Disable Automatic Captioning For Android.

Select the option that best suits you.
Whenever you go to the Android Live Caption app, you will see a couple of options to choose from. It’s pretty straightforward to toggle the function of enabling or disabling live captioning. Users can also choose whether to show or hide specific messages or if they want to use Rear View for incoming calls.

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